But the best is still to come...

It is this fresh energy which Uday Shetty, a retired civil engineer, sees as being the key to establishing and growing the business. He intends to explore a variety of ways to make the store a focal point and musical centre for the town including community outreach and hosting performances under the marquee. Uday believes in building trust with clientele by providing knowledgeable, friendly service and fostering a positive outlook generally. The enjoyment of life is enhanced by the ability to play an instrument. While the father concentrates on the business aspects, it is the son, Nikhil, who brings the passion and musical chops to the fore. Nikhil is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, producer, and songwriter who may be recognizable from his performing at many of the local pubs in various bands. He is currently putting the finishing touches on an as yet to be titled recording of his own under his stage name of KTB (, expected to be released in the coming months.

Amongst his years of previous experience was a period of retailing musical instruments at a well-known chain. He found that he wanted to emphasize the personal relationship with, and attention to, his customers that wasn't always the focus at the old store. His eagerness to create music and share his talents so that others may release their inner Stevie Ray Vaughn or Quest Love is contagious, as is the vibe from the seven other instructors.

If you're is in the market for a new guitar or have wondered about enrolling your child in music lessons, make sure you drop by Main Street Music to have a look about and a chat with Uday and Nikhil. They'll let you know the score.


Brian K.

Happy Customer

My guitar has been just brought back from total disaster state to a "thing of beauty" by MSM repair shop. Thank You!

Mary M.

New Client

I have been trying to learn piano online and that did not work. After a few lessons here I am able to do it... =)

Jess W.

New Client

I must admit that the new owner knows how to appeal to clients. My son never wanted to learn drums. Now he does it! Yeah!

Simon S.

Returning Customer

A very nice selection of instruments, amps and accessories. I live in Streetsville and just discover this place. Love it!